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Consulting for politics and companies in the field of digital transformation

Industry 4.0

Establish and use value networks

Horizontal integration across company boundaries is a key concern in the context of Industry 4.0. This is especially important for SMEs, which are often unable to present the necessary complete added value. Digitization and integration into a platform economy play an important role here. Innovative ideas for participating in a value creation network and, if necessary, building it up must be developed.

Innovative ideas require creativity and often an outside view. I am happy to support and advise here. Do you have no capacity for innovation management? As an interim manager, I can support you in developing and implementing ideas for a limited time.

Digital Transformation

I accompany you in the digital transformation of your products, production or logistics. With me you get advice on digitalization from a single source. I help you to develop ideas for streamlining, networking and digitizing processes.

Development of technical Industry 4.0 concepts

In order to implement your use cases, we develop tailor-made concepts with which you can implement Industry 4.0 in your production.

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Individual Industry 4.0 strategy
Let us analyze your initial situation together and develop an Industry 4.0 roadmap - so that you can digitize your processes efficiently and increase your competitiveness. This includes discussing, elaborating and adopting a strategy or an action plan. Using design thinking methods will help to identify high valuable business cases and derive sustainable business models.
Definition and evaluation of Industry 4.0 use cases
We define improvement potential along your value stream and analyze the processes in which concrete Industry 4.0 measures are to be implemented.
Research project
Do you want to participate in research projects with other companies or research institutions, possibly with funding? I would be happy to develop the concept together with you, look for potential partners, represent you in relation to project promoters and ministries and look for suitable funding programs. I can also take on the application and implementation of research projects.
Feasibility studies

For your specific Industry 4.0 use cases, we carry out a detailed analysis of benefits and effort (proof of value) and derive an ROI as a basis for decision-making.

Implementation phase
Implementation and monitoring of the action plan with the specified resources, including transparent reporting.
Strategy development and implementation support as a sparring partner of the management.

Did I pique your interest? If, please contact me without obligation.

Mobility thanks to lithium-ion batteries

The value creation network of lithium-ion batteries

The use of lithium-ion batteries in the field of mobility in terms of climate protection and the digitization required for this still place high demands on economic implementation. Large companies tend to map the cycle within their closed value chain.

Smaller companies will be forced to participate in a circular economy for batteries in an open, global value network. They have to be prepared for this. In addition to developing economic business ideas, it is also about understanding the complex life cycle of lithium-ion batteries and the resulting value chains.

I develop appropriate business ideas together with you and accompany you in the implementation.
Life cycle assessment for lithium-ion batteries

An important aspect in the evaluation of lithium-ion batteries is the contribution to climate protection. The type of application is decisive. In the area of mobility, other framework conditions apply than e.g. in storage technologies. Sustainability is recorded through life cycle assessments, however, there are still questions:

  • Which effects, values have to be recorded?
  • How are they to be measured?
  • How should the use of batteries in their life cycle be assessed in different applications?
  • What kind of standardization is necessary?
  • How can digitization support?
Diemer Consulting 4.0 deals with these topics amongst other things in the ZIM network ReLioS sponsored by the BMWi and in the National Mobility Platform (NPM).

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