Diemer Consulting 4.0

Consulting for politics and companies in the field of digital transformation

Industry 4.0, mobility and lithium-ion batteries

Industry 4.0, mobility and the life cycle of lithium-ion batteries all have in common that

  • they are complex global value creation networks requiring to work together across company boundaries,
  • which can be organized through platform economies,
  • which need a high level of interoperability and
  • which only work if there is continuous digitization.
The demand for sustainability both with regard to climate protection and with regard to social aspects is becoming increasingly important. Sustainability is recorded in life cycle assessments, but there are still unanswered questions: Which impact factors must be recorded? How are they to be measured? What standardization is necessary? How can digitization support? Diemer Consulting 4.0 deals with these topics in the ZIM network ReLioS funded by the BMWi and in the National Platform for Mobility (NPM). In addition, it is about the establishment of suitable structures and organizational forms.



Member of German-Korean
R&D network
(Re-Use and Re-Cycling of Li-Ion-Battery Systems)

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(On-premises data centers)


i-vector innovation management gmbh
(Service provider with many years of experience in strategic and operational innovation and technology management)


Joinig working group Standardisation
of the Nationale Platform Mobility

Plattform I40

Joining working group 2
of Plattform Industrie 4.0